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ESG Communications

Responsible business frameworks (such as Environmental, Social, and Governance – ESG) demonstrate the non-financial impacts being measured and analyzed to identify corporate risks and opportunities.

Corporate purpose and measurable impact overlap with the common goal of creating long-term value for the communities and world in which we live and work.

Impact reporting identifies and addresses material issues that can affect long-term business strategy and financial and operational performance.

Wendolyn Reputation Management develops content that is ready for communication, specifically crafted for your stakeholders whether they are donors, investors, governments, customers, or media -allowing your corporate purpose to shine alongside your performance.

Develop marketing and communications materials to attract investors and build employee and consumer loyalty.

Package includes:

  • impact story creation
  • key messages development/refresh
  • leadership quotes
  • impact articles (for annual/sustainability reports, newsletters, industry publications, etc.)
  • CEO reports (speech and/or article format)
  • press releases (promotion of impact initiatives, progress updates)
  • website content development (impact section)
  • blogs (corporate thought-leadership on areas of impact commitments)
  • video series (multi-media reinforcement of corporate commitments)
  • social media content (to drive traffic to website to learn more about corporate commitments)
  • impact communications plan

Ongoing: Quarterly, semiannual, or annual updates to the content package


ESG Risk Mitigation & impact Opportunities: Corporate strategic communications packages.

  • 4-Step risk reduction and operations strengthening 
  • Impact communications package 
  • BCorp certification support 

ESG in a Box: An easy and cost-efficient way to meet today’s standards. 

  • Education workshops
  • Templates 
  • Implementation support & storytelling 

Crisis Communications

A crisis requires quick response and skilled management. If not handled properly, it can impact:

  • Trust and credibility
  • Profit
  • Consumer activism
  • Funding
  • Employee morale
  • Competitive position
  • Regulatory standing
  • Partnerships
  • Litigation

The 24-hour news cycle and the evolution of citizen journalism through social media mean more eyes are watching and reporting on actions or inaction – demanding accountability, transparency, and ethical decision-making.

Wendolyn Reputation Management helps organizations prepare and respond to crises with effective communications that earn trust, inspire confidence, and create stability.

Spokesperson Training

Spokespersons are the master storytellers of their organizations. They promote achievements and defend reputations during a crisis. A strong spokesperson is prepared to:

  • influence and lead
  • build trust
  • answer hard questions
  • break down technical concepts
  • show empathy
  • share passion
  • create enthusiasm

Wendolyn Reputation Management helps you take advantage of media interviews, presentations and other communication opportunities by learning to confidently and effectively share messages and connect with your audience.

Build confidence and skills speaking to your stakeholders with these and other training opportunities, most of which qualify for professional development credits and the Canada Ontario Job Grant.

Media Training:

Gain an understanding of the media process, learn how to navigate difficult questions, and master message delivery. Individual sessions and group workshops.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Workshop:

Learn to communicate across cultural lines, diffuse tension, and redirect the narrative to a solutions-oriented dialogue where everyone feels valued and welcome.

Strategic Communication & Emotional Intelligence Training:

Build verbal and non-verbal strategic communication skills, understand conscious and subconscious communication, and learn how emotions impact message delivery.

Speech/Presentation Coaching: 

One-on-one instruction to build presentation skills and practice speech delivery.

Thought Leadership Development Program:

For individuals ready to establish themselves as trusted experts, influencers, and drivers of innovation and change.

Social Media Thought Leadership Training:

For medical professionals looking to establish themselves as trusted experts and influencers among the health care community or public.

Communications Team Leader

Whether due to an unexpected special project, a crisis, or ongoing business needs, sometimes extra resources and bench-strength are required to add to your in-house team.

Wendolyn Reputation Management provides senior counsel and management services to existing marketing and communications teams allowing organizations to benefit from increased senior leadership in a cost-effective manner.

Senior public relations and communications expert to oversee and lead your inhouse marketing and communications team:

  • strong business acumen
  • experienced working with senior management and boards of directors
  • successfully managed brand-building strategies for a wide range of B2B and
  • B2C companies
  • able to build internal capacity and mentor staff
  • deep understanding of measurement and reporting, and presentation of results
  • crisis communications expertise