We worked with Wendy to help us plan the optimization and closure of seven branches across our footprint. This had the potential for a reputational backlash among stakeholders in multiple communities. In addition to impacting jobs, seniors who rely on in-person banking for both financial and social reasons could find themselves feeling left behind. Wendy’s strategic guidance helped reframe the narrative and create a plan of action. The outcome was a smooth and swift communications process around the closures with a well-trained team of spokespersons, followed by a plan to meet the needs of seniors and underscore Northern Credit Union’s ongoing commitment to this important group. The senior’s strategy is now being presented for an AIME marketing award. Wendy’s work is an example of complex issues management and the ability to turn a potentially negative situation into a force for good.

Liisa Woolley

Senior Vice President, Member Experience at Northern Credit Union

We connected with Wendy while working on building awareness of Toronto 6ix’s pursuit of equality in professional hockey. Wendy framed our goal in the context of a movement revising our mission, vision and organizational values. She then trained us to integrate the promotion of these key messages into our marketing and communications.

The result is that players, fans, and media see the impact we are making on and off the ice. This has translated into increased community engagement and record-level corporate sponsorships from organizations that want to partner with Toronto 6ix due to shared values and aligned missions.

Krystiana Clarke

General Manager at Toronto 6ix, Premier Hockey Federation (formerly NWHL)

The media training that Wendy Kauffman provided to Blue Door’s senior staff and Board team was one of the most comprehensive, useful, and engaging trainings I’ve attended. The team now feels so much more equipped to work with the media and to manage messaging to promote and protect our work and reputation in the community.

Michael Braithwaite

CEO of Blue Door

For nearly an 8-year period Wendy was the lead consultant on all APP Canada’s communication & stakeholder relations activities. From day 1, under her leadership, Wendy and her team consistently developed strategic, proactive, and targeted communication programs designed to positively impact APP’s reputation, showcase product leadership, and innovation with the ultimate impact on measurable revenue growth. Working with Wendy was a true partnership and insightful collaboration. She is a leader, professional, and an outstanding communicator, I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Ian Lifshitz,

Vice President of Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations,
The Americas, Asia Pulp & Paper Group

Wendy’s spokesperson training session helped our senior team learn how to better craft and deliver our message. It boosted our confidence and reduced anxiety in speaking to media and other industry stakeholders. The course was packed with tips, exercises, and personal anecdotes that made the learning highly practical, effective, and fun!

Elke Rubach

President Rubach Wealth

André Mazerolle

Senior Manager, Business Development & Marketing, Deloitte Canada

We have hired Wendy numerous times for her crisis communications services. She can quickly assess the situation at hand and understand the potential impact on both our mission and bottom line. We have hired her for both her crisis communications plan development and to manage emerging situations with potential reputational impact. She understands our diverse stakeholders and each of their communication needs. She works successfully with our leadership team and our Board of Directors, providing real-time guidance and support. Hiring Wendy allows us to focus on what we need to do, knowing the communications aspect is being handled swiftly, effectively, and with sensitivity to those impacted.

Eric Petersiel

Head of School The Leo Baeck Day School

Wendy is a passionate and dynamic marketer with laser focus. On our project, she was able to quickly build the necessary relationships with the members of our team in order to gather critical information, which allowed Wendy to map out an action plan. She kept the team focused and on task throughout the project and her results speak for themselves. I would strongly encourage anyone to reach out to Wendy if they are looking to strengthen their business/organization’s marketing and PR needs.

Andrew Levy

Executive Director at Schwartz Reisman Centre & Prosserman JCC