Sometimes I advise, sometimes I rant, sometimes I point out or question, but in all cases, I promise an interesting, easy-to-digest read.

  • The 2024 Leger Reputation study links corporate imagery with ESG – Enjoy the read

  • Beyond the algorithm: mitigating reputational risks as AI becomes business-as-usual – Enjoy the read

  • Are professional advisors seeing the warning signs? ESG risks not on the radar for private companies – Enjoy the read

  • The crises that lie ahead for 2022 and the case for action – Enjoy the read

  • Tough love from your friendly spokesperson trainer – Enjoy the read

  • Delivering a message or sharing a legacy? Why communicating purpose over performance makes better business sense- Enjoy the read

  • Attention schools: Communicating COVID-19 back to school protocols is not the same as preparing for crisis communications Blog – Enjoy the read


Thank you for the opportunity…. I’d love to share my thoughts and expereince.

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